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Joe Joe also played by Perry is Madea's most recognizable brother as he lives with her and frequently appears in Madea films.

During the meeting, Madea ends up lecturing all the women to stop playing victims, stop whining, and start taking action to improve their lives.

In the film timeline, Myrtle is in her 70s, and is placed in a retirement home.

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Maylee has a year-old daughter Keisha, who is also seen as pregnant. Pet peeves[ edit ] Madea has a series of pet peeves: In the plays, Myrtle is in her 50s.

Depending on the chronological order of the plays, William could be older than Cora. The Joe character precedes the Madea character in debut, as Joe's first appearance was in the play ''I Know I've Been Changed''taking place when the Madea character had not yet originated. Brian, Donna, and George Brian also played by Perry is a criminal defense attorneywho often gets roped into Madea's messes as he represents her in the many criminal trials Madea lands herself in.

For example, the character has four general methods of attack: Brown, visiting his family in Meet the Browns and taking him to the hospital in What's Done in the Dark. Washington High School, where she served as a cheerleader. Michelle grew up to be a prostitute and neglectful mother of two daughters of her own, Maylee and Vianne, who appear in the play, I Can Do Bad All by Myself.

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Destruction of propertysuch as demolishing others' household appliances with a chainsaw Weapon violence, such as stabbing others with a lit cigarette Physical violence, such as strangling and pounding others with her bare hands and elbows Intimidation through outrageous browbeating tactics and threats, such as firing off her Glock pistol, which she keeps handy with her in her purse at all times from the extended interval of rapid-fire sounds in Madea Goes To Jailit is implied that she owns a fully automatic assault-rifle, as well, but only brings it out on "special occasions" When using guns, Madea shoots around targets, using intimidation rather than actually killing or injuring anyone.

Madea has buried nine husbands, among them Jimmy and Johnny. She appeared in Madea's Family Reunion. God made this little tree, Viagra and oxygen. Though much of this direction and guidance tends to come in the form of extreme warmongering, Madea's heart is always in the right place. William Simmons William is Madea's youngest and only son.

The character made her first appearance in the play I Can Do Bad All by Myself, later appearing in numerous other plays by Perry, then appearing in films based on those plays.

Criminal background[ edit ] Madea has a lifelong criminal record that began at age 9 with a charge of petty theft. Despite being elderly, he constantly makes crude passes at younger women. She, however, began driving as soon as Cora neglected her daughterly duties.

Madea's parenting, husbands, and children[ edit ] In Madea Goes to Jail, it was revealed that Madea supported her children by strippingpole dancingand professional wrestlingamong other things. On smoking marijuana, Joe has stated, "God made this for us.

Madea was brought up in poverty and grew up living in shacks with her immediate family. William's oldest daughter, Helen, is in her mid to late 30s in Diary of a Mad Black Woman, which makes William in his 50s.

Madea changed it to "Maylee" when she took her and Vianne out of the projects to raise them.We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences.

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Mabel "Madea" Simmons is a character created and portrayed by Tyler cytopix.com character is a tough elderly black woman. Vindictive in nature, Madea gets even in a bad way. When asked why she felt the need to get somebody all the time, Madea answered: "Well when you gettin' got and somebody done got you and you go get them, when you get 'em, everybody's gon' get got.".

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Tyler perry single moms club full movie online free
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